Rails Migrations – how I’m using them

I’m fairly certain I am using them a little unconventionally, and just wondered – am I alone? Before going on I will add that I’m able to use them this way because a) the app is still in development, and b) I am the only developer.

Stop knocking Rails – it’s easy to learn!

It seems fashionable to knock Rails as beginner unfriendly these days, but I think that’s wholly unfair – because I found Rails *much* easier to learn, and a better option for web development than most (if not all) of the other ‘options’ (some I tried, some I researched and rejected). Easier because Rails is written …

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Ruby Koans Answers

Looking for the answers to Ruby Koans? Well you’re not going to get them here! But what I will do is show you how to get them and who to ask if you get stuck.

Clean Lion install for Ruby Development

I know there’s a few of these posts around, but I wanted to do one purely for my own notes if nothing else. Particularly as I will be setting things up a little differently (partly because I have just installed a SSD and will be using more than one drive and…) because some of the …

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