Mac file sharing not working?

Or are you getting ‘connection failed’?

If you’ve been pulling your hair out (like I have!) despite following advice on the Apple forums (like turning off SMB, but keeping AFP sharing on) to no avail, then this might be of help!

Firstly, go to System Prefs > Sharing and just check that file sharing is on (SMB and AFP are fine to have on together)

Then, and here’s the interesting part, go to System Prefs > User Accounts and first click on the padlock and enter your password, then click on Guest User in the left hand side, and then at the bottom, check the box for ‘allow quests to connect to shared folders’ and the left hand side will change to ‘Guest User, Sharing only‘.

And that’s all there is to it. Well, this is what worked for me on my Mavericks install anyway (other machine is still on Mountain Lion).