How to install Vips on CentOS

Vips is a brilliant new image processing library that is reported to be far more efficient than most other image processing libraries out there (such as ImageMagick). To install on CentOS simply:

Get the latest files from, eg:


Then unpack:

tar -xzvf vips-7.30.2.tar.gz

Then cd into the directory:

cd vips-7.30.2

Then enter ./configure and look for any dependency errors, for me I needed to install glib2, which I did with:

yum install glib2-devel

Then ./configure again, and look out for any warnings. If you see something like:

checking for PNG... no
checking for libpng... libraries (none), headers (none)
configure: WARNING: libpng not found; disabling PNG support

Simply do: yum install libpng-devel for all those that you need.

Once you are happy to proceed, enter:



make install

And that’s it!