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Why RailsCasts deserves to be a success

Posted on: October 5th, 2011 by AstonJ 4 Comments

….and why it will be. has been going almost as long as Rails itself – and it’s always been free. Ryan’s produced almost 300 quality screencasts, and if you average them out to 10 minutes each, that’s about 50 hours of footage!

So you might be forgiven for thinking that when RailsCasts announced a subscription service it would be at a premium – but no, it’s a staggeringly low $9 a month (£6) – that’s just $108 a year (£69). Which will give you access to not only the free screencasts (that will still be out about once a week) but premium subscribers-only screen casts and updates of many older ones, too.

It deserves to be a success not just because of the great content, or that it has been free for so long, but because the price is beyond fair – and I think that goodwill is why RailsCasts is going to be a huge success.

Thank you Ryan and good luck – not that you’ll need it, RailsCasts is da bomb!

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  • Chris Oliver

    If anyone deserves my money in the Ruby community, it’s Ryan. He’s done more for me and countless other people than anyone can possibly imagine.

    • Rory


    • ross

      whole heartedly agree

  • Ryan Bates

    Thank you for the kind words Aston!