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What’s special about Ruby?

Posted on: September 5th, 2011 by AstonJ 16 Comments

Would you believe this is my third attempt at writing this piece? The last two were waaaay too long (there’s just so much to cover!) Well let’s start with a few stand-out thoughts on Ruby:

  • Ruby is an object of beauty –> inspired & passionate developers
  • It’s elegant and concise –> a joy to work with
  • Easy to learn but very powerful –> more experienced developers
  • Is designed for programmer happiness –> all of the above


Richard Dawkins letter to his 10 year old daughter

Posted on: September 2nd, 2011 by AstonJ No Comments

This letter was written by Richard Dawkins, and given to his daughter when she turned 10. Richard Dawkins is a respected scientist and author.

To my dearest daughter,

Now that you are ten, I want to write to you about something that is important to me. Have you ever wondered how we know the things that we know? How do we know, for instance, that the stars, which look like tiny pinpricks in the sky, are really huge balls of fire like the Sun and very far away? And how do we know that the Earth is a smaller ball whirling round one of those stars, the Sun?